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Mister Mobile

Rotkreuz (awp) - Die Deutschland-Tochter des Handyanbieters Mobilezone stockt ihren Anteil an Mister Mobile auf Prozent von bisher 45 Prozent auf. Robert Ermich verkauft seine Anteile an der Mister Mobile GmbH an die mobilezone Deutschland GmbH und tritt zum als CEO von. Essentiell. Essentielle Cookies werden für grundlegende Funktionen der Webseite benötigt. Dadurch ist gewährleistet, dass die Webseite einwandfrei. und unter einem Dach

Rotkreuz (awp) - Die Deutschland-Tochter des Handyanbieters Mobilezone stockt ihren Anteil an Mister Mobile auf Prozent von bisher 45 Prozent auf. Wie am Donnerstag bekannt wurde, übernimmt Mobilezone zu Prozent die Mister Mobile GmbH. Bisher waren nur 45 Prozent der Marke in. Robert Ermich, CEO Mister Mobile GmbH, Murat Ayhan, CEO mobilezone Deutschland GmbH. (Quelle: Wie Telecom Handel.

Mister Mobile The used handphone market is booming Video

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Mister Mobile Die Mobilezone Deutschland GmbH übernimmt die Anteile von Mitgründer Robert Ermich und der Philion SE an der Mister Mobile GmbH. Mister Mobile - Mobile phone repair and Trade in phone Singapore – Geylang Road City Plaza #A, Singapur – Mit bewertet, basierend auf. Robert Ermich verkauft seine Anteile an der Mister Mobile GmbH an die mobilezone Deutschland GmbH und tritt zum als CEO von. Mobilezone Deutschland übernimmt sämtliche Anteile an Mister Mobile von Mitgründer Robert Ermich (25 Prozent) und Philion SE (

How to afford? This is one of the reasons why many of us are turning to buy a used handphone instead. We can stay with the trend, yet be gentle with our very fragile pockets.

There are many reasons why buying a used handphone is the best option for you. Below are some of the reasons why people do so. There are many used handphone platforms in Singapore selling used mobile phones.

You can buy from sellers from all walks of life. Be it another handphone reseller such as Mister Mobile, a heartland chap who wants to fetch a higher price for his used handphone, an independent seller who buys and re-sell mobile phones for a profit at the comfort of his home — you name it.

The users of Carousell are so diverse that we are pleasantly surprised by the buyers we meet, all the time.

There was even once when we met a schoolgirl in Secondary School to carry out a transaction. Or the other time when we met someone claiming to be a student and he turned out to be a middle-aged man who is trying his luck for discounts.

Find used handphone products at Carousell. In our experience, Carousell offers the most competitive prices, is the most active, and has the most listings available compared to other platforms.

Or visit us at our storefront near Geylang or Hougang! Many a time, you may be afraid of buying a faulty mobile phone.

If you feel anything suspicious, skip this seller and find another one. There are plenty of choices for you elsewhere. Be patient! Notes: Mister Mobile has over positive feedback in less than a year!

We are the platinum standard for all sellers. During this time, it is easier to find a used handphone as lots of people are selling their used handphone to get the new model.

Secondly, buy a used handphone when it is still under warranty. For Apple and Samsung, the warranty period is one year.

Check that the device you are purchasing is still under warranty. In case of defects, you are still able to send it for repair at service centers for free.

At Mister Mobile, we offer 30 days warranty for all used phones purchases. It should give you a peace of mind over buying from another end-user who may not be able to offer similar warranty services for your purchase.

By just browsing through the different platforms stated above, you will know the average selling prices for the model you have in mind.

Take your time to spot a good deal. There are plenty of websites which includes their price list for used phones too. Make sure you ASK and compare the prices and offerings for each deal.

Some sellers offer freebies to go with the handphone or provide extended warranty. As such, the listed price may not be the final price you will get.

When you found a dealer or is visiting a store, always inspect the second-hand phone before you pay. First, a checklist of items to bring along for a deal:.

The very first step is to check the physical condition of the phone. Go through the screen, body and the headphone jack if any.

Look for dents on the body as well. A device with too many dents is usually a deal breaker as this indicates that the phone has been dropped a couple of times and chips inside may be faulty.

Next, plug in the Sim and give it a trial run. Open some apps and test for internet accessibility. Connect to the Wi-Fi.

Charge the phone. Test the physical buttons. There are no guarantees for any purchases, especially if it is second-hand.

Hence, do weigh up your options carefully. The cheapest option may not be the best. Ensure the seller is reputable and trustworthy, and make a diligent check on the phone before you pay up.

Or you can choose Mister Mobile as we offer a days warranty and rest assured that we will resolve your issues should there be any. Also because we do it better, because we do it safer, because we do it with a smile!

A common marker for a healthy phone battery is when it can last more than 12 hours with normal usage. You can do a self-check to determine if you require phone battery replacement.

At Mister Mobile, we can easily replace your battery in 45 minutes! Check out our prices for battery replacement here.

For users with iOS below This app may not be as accurate as the new iOS self-checker. We recommend updating to the latest iOS to check your battery status.

Besides, why would you want an outdated iOS anyway? A phone battery is designed to last about cycles before it starts to deteriorate. If you charge your phone once every night, it translates to about 13 months before it starts to perform sub-optimally.

As all mobile phone batteries are currently made of lithium-ion, failing batteries are inevitable. When a bulge appears, stop using the phone immediately as it means the internal battery cells are ruptured and it is causing unwanted chemical reactions.

If left unattended, it may even damage other components in your phone. It may result in your LCD breaking, a short-circuited motherboard, or burnt components when the battery breaks.

Bring the device to an expert note: Mister Mobile are experts to get a phone battery replacement. Yes, definitely! At Mister Mobile, we will diagnose your device first and recommend the correct part replacement so you know what you are fixing.

What is CaseTrust? Do beware that should you choose third-party repairers like us to get a phone battery replacement, any existing warranty coverage by your carrier will be voided.

However, most of the time, you only need to replace your battery after 15 months, which is well over the warranty coverage by Samsung and Apple one year.

Hence, you will definitely need us for a fast, reliable and professional experience when you wish to get your phone battery replaced.

Also because we do it better, because we do it safer and because we do it with a smile! Around since , CaseTrust is an accreditation scheme to award businesses such as Mister Mobile for their commitment towards providing fair and quality service to their customers.

Businesses who receive this award are a cut above their competitors. From their website:. Consumers can easily differentiate an accredited business by looking out for the CaseTrust logo displayed alongside their brand.

As of October , we are one of the only 2 businesses in the entire mobile phone industry in Singapore to receive this accreditation. Why are not more businesses are receiving this award?

The more crucial reasons are because achieving this accreditation requires a lot of dedication towards quality service.

There are also stringent application and assessment processes that took us more than 6 months. We also require consistency across the whole company to achieve excellent service for every single customer.

At Mister Mobile, we take pride in our mission to provide reliable service to all of our customers — such a demanding attitude is nothing short of the standards a CaseTrust-accredited company must set.

We are proud to showcase such tangible recognition to all of our customers. It differentiates us greatly from everyone else in the industry.

A great service experience is what all of us wants from a business. This service experience encompasses every touch-point, right from the first conversation with our sales officers, the product itself, and then the after-sales support.

CaseTrust acknowledges this — quality customer service is the top criterion in their assessment checklist. When our customers choose Mister Mobile to repair their mobile phone, we go through a very stringent testing process before, during and after the repair.

This process minimizes the chances of our customers coming back to re-service their cracked mobile phone screens, bloated batteries, or charging port issues.

We also do a routine follow-up to every single customer after repair. Consumers are clouded with question marks when it comes to pricing, especially in our gloomy industry.

It is not uncommon to hear stories about mobile phone stores using unfair tactics to over-charge their customers. If you are not careful, you too may end up a victim.

A store with accreditation from CaseTrust should ease you of such worries. Mister Mobile has transparent pricing for every single item on display.

Hence, we offer free diagnosis, with zero obligations. CaseTrust is very particular in protecting consumer rights. Hence, consumers can shop worry-free with an accredited store.

Buying goods of high quality is especially important to consumers as they are using their hard-earned money to purchase from a store. CaseTrust accredited stores provides an assurance as this is again one of the criteria to fulfill when applying for the accreditation.

From the same source , a clear criteria states:. My business has a system for ensuring the quality of products and services offered for sale.

Goods and services offered are fit for consumption and not past expiry date. At Mister Mobile, we source for the best parts and we test every single item thoroughly to ensure that all used mobile phones, charging cable, earpiece, LCD screen, and battery are working before we sell them.

Besides protecting consumers, CaseTrust also takes care of their accredited businesses. When the unexpected happens and the customer decides to lodge a complaint, CASE Singapore has their own mediation facilities to help.

A meet-up will be set for both parties to resolve their misunderstandings. However, there are certain rules to abide by when lodging a complaint.

Find out more here. Mister Mobile is happy to announce that as of today, we have received zero complaints since our incorporation in At Mister Mobile, we proudly declare that we are a CaseTrust accredited store.

Thus, we at Mister Mobile strive to provide high quality customer service, repair and goods to customer to ensure their needs are taken care of.

I just broke my iPhone screen! Why do you need 2 hours to replace my cracked iPhone glass when other repair providers can do it within 30 minutes?

Does the price-savings justify choosing a third-party service repair provider over the Apple service center?

Hello everyone! Of course, at Mister Mobile, your friendly neighborhood handy-man, you can have your iPhone cracked screen replaced in a jiffy, but we shall not be covering this topic today.

It all boils down to, frankly, your luck. When you drop your phone, there will be only 3 possible outcomes :.

Firstly, we purchase our parts in one set which includes the glass. Secondly, and more importantly, it is impossible to retain your glass in its original condition after the separation process of the glass and the LCD display.

We define ourselves as an alternative choice to authorized service providers, who provide similar services which are cheaper, faster and is more accessible without compromising on quality.

Our technicians are very highly-trained and we are able to fix many issues which authorized service centers cannot.

These LCDs are basically targeted at consumers who wish to get their screen fixed at a cheaper price. Customers who require repair services are often distressed.

The repair prices offered by the official Singapore Samsung service centre, Google service centre, Oppo service centre, Xiaomi service center, Huawei service centre, iPhone service centre Singapore are too steep.

They need their phone fixed as soon as possible. We believe that having quality and affordable products and great customer service is important.

Hence, Mister Mobile brings all of them to the table for our customers. We want to bring everyone closer to affordable, realiable, high-quality and positive customer service for phone repair to each and everyone in Singapore, one customer at a time.

For example, we offer screen replacement repairs where our Grade A parts are equivalent to what Samsung service centre , Apple service centre, Oppo service centre, Xiaomi service centre or any other official service center provides, at a fraction of their price.

Some are concerned about the pricing while others are concerned about the location accessibility of the store. Take Samsung customers for example.

When Samsung users need a repair, Samsung customer service will usually point them to either Plaza Singapura, Westgate or Vivocity which is their official Samsung service centre Singapore.

Hence, why not choose us for your Samsung phone repair Singapore? Mister Mobile currently has three branches to serve customers island-wide during operating hours!

Phone repair from Bugis, Bedok or Serangoon can easily visit us at our Geylang branch. We offer high price phone trade in for all new and used mobile phones.

We are the most reliable and professional handphone repair in Singapore. Tags: mobile phone repair services , xiaomi repair singapore , iphone repair singapore , samsung repair singapore , oppo repair singapore , google repair singapore , one plus repair singapore , water damage repair , huawei repair singapore , sony repair singapore.

How to buy? Go now. Phone Trade-In Singapore Convert your new and used phones into cash instantly!

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